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#StayTunedOnIt #11 | La Leggera (Lockdown Pizzica Remake)



#StayTunedOnIt #11 | La Leggera (Lockdown Pizzica Remake)

During the lockdown, The Badwills, an Edinburgh based Italian musical collective, remade for us "La Leggera", a folk tune from the Apennines of Italy about not going into work.

“La Leggera” is a traditional song describing the perfect working week: one where every single day there’s a perfect reason not to work, but we are still getting paid by our boss come Sunday. The original was dedicated to the train that carried seasonal workers south to work in the malarial marshes of the Maremma, in Tuscany. They travelled with pretty empty packs, and were paid peanuts. Hence the nickname “la leggera”, “the light ones”, attached to them and their train, and their clearly “ambivalent” attitude towards labour.

The band has rewritten the lyrics in the same spirit, for times of quarantine. When we just must stay home and work, well, really isn’t possible and has performed via Edinburgh, Bologna, and London.

Happy dancing from us all!



La Leggera (Lockdown Remix) - The Badwills from The Badwills on Vimeo.



Date: Da Monday, May 18, 2020 a Saturday, June 20, 2020

Entrance : Free