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Book Launch | Gabriele Proglio's Bucare il confine. Storie dalla frontiera di Ventimiglia (Mondadori, 2020)



Book Launch | Gabriele Proglio's Bucare il confine. Storie dalla frontiera di Ventimiglia (Mondadori, 2020)

Bucare il confine. Storie dalla frontiera di Ventimiglia (Mondadori 2020) is an oral history book by Gabriele Proglio. Spending several months on the Italo-French border, Proglio collected many interviews with migrant people, Italian and French citizens in Ventimiglia (ITA) and Menton (FRA), activists, NGOs and associations. The aim of this volume is to propose to the reader a gaze on the border as a device involved in many typologies of crossings, migrations and mobilities. Ventimiglia is an internal European border. At the same time, it is a relevant passage to reach France and other destinations in Europe after dangerous journeys across the Mediterranean and along the Balkan Route.


Gabriele Proglio is a cultural and oral historian based at the Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, where he heads a research project dedicated to study mobility and memory in the Mediterranean context in the last two centuries ( His new volume - which has just been published by Palgrave - is "The Horn of Africa Diaspora in Italy. An Oral History". Among his publications: Mediterraneo nero. Archivio, memorie, corpi (Manifesto 2019), Memorie oltre confine. La letteratura postcoloniale in prospettiva storica (Ombre Corte 2011).

Federico Faloppa is Associate Professor in Italian Studies and Linguistics in the Department of Cultures and Languages at the University of Reading (UK). He has been working on the construction of otherness through language, language policy and migration, representation of minorities and migration phenomena in the media, racism in language and hate speech. Notable collaborations include the interdisciplinary project and exhibition Beyond the border. Signs of passages across European frontier, the EU-funded ITN Multimind – The multilingual mind and the GCRF-funded project CHAS-BIH - Conflict and Hate Speech Bosnia-Herzegovina. He is member of the Committee of Experts for combating Hate Speech of the Council of Europe, which is drafting the new recommendations on hate speech for the 47 state members of CoE.

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Date: Thursday, November 12, 2020

Time: From 7:00 pm To 8:00 pm

Organized by : IIC Dublin, London and Edinburgh

Entrance : Free