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‘Quasi Grazia’ by Marcello Fois



‘Quasi Grazia’ by Marcello Fois

My idea, I would say my obsession, was the need to represent the flesh of this woman who was so important for the literary culture of our country. As if it were absolutely necessary not to stop at a “ simply” literary re-enactment, but rather a living representation. – Marcello Fois


It is precisely the interplay between life and writing that is the focus of the play ‘Quasi Grazia’ (Almost Grazia), dedicated to Grazia Deledda (Nuoro, 1871 – Rome, 1936), winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1926, the first and only Italian female writer to receive it.

The play is a three-act drama based on the book of the same name by Marcello Fois (Einaudi, 2016), directed by Veronica Cruciani. The writer and radio host Michela Murgia plays the role of the protagonist, alongside Lia Careddu – in the role of Deledda’s mother -, Valentino Mannias, Marco Brinzi and Giaime Mannias.

In the video, the theatre scenes are alternated with previously unheard commentary by Marcello Fois, which accompanies the spectators through the creative process of the production on Deledda. Deledda was a very important writer within the Italian literary canon, as prolific as she was hard to label – her best known and translated novels include “Reeds in the Wind”, “Cosima” and “Ashes”- whose legacy lives on in the literary landscape.

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