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Togo | Dipinti e Incisioni



Togo | Dipinti e Incisioni

Togo’s art has been called Expressionist because of its vivid colours and its ability to press the figurative elements into following the dynamics of the composition; but I don’t think this definition is sufficient to express the force and beauty of his works. Expressionism arose in contraposition to a strict society, whose methods had become incapable of containing the hidden and consciously masked individual impulses. Togo’s art simply uses its language in a freer way: painting landscapes without aiming at a photographic representation, not creating a mere view or decoration but rather an intimate lyrical expression. It is not a portrayal of the unconscious world, quite the opposite: Enzo Migneco is making a gesture of love towards his homeland when he captures its essence and transforms into colour the emotions which he has experienced first as a man and then as an artist.

He uses this brilliant palette to depict, or rather recreate, the landscape which becomes a home of the soul. As he defined it in an interview: Mediterranean expressionism.

The exhibition includes works on paper which reveal the artist’s skill with colour in the oil pastels, his mastery of outline in the engravings and his clever use of shadings in the lithographs. The colour in the landscapes narrates the substances: the sun is a radiant centre of light, the rocks become a back-lit shadow, the sky a play of transparencies, the water a fluid outline which veils and conceals, the flora is verticality, the human world is a geometry of dazzling walls, doors and windows constructed to give shelter and lead to silence. The moulded wood of the boats on the beach, the gnarled outlines of the wind-dried leaves: everything is memory, tactile experience, a stroll, a dive, crossing the Straits, a fishing expedition, a siesta on a baking hot day. The colours tell a story, they are brilliant words and stories made of light. In the chalcographic prints, which use traditional techniques – etching, dry point, soft ground and aquatint - the darkness of the ink becomes the infinity of the sea or of the sky: narrow, incisive and precise lines form stones, creases and tree-trunks and capture the essence of life in one stroke. The lithographs, on the other hand, are softer and more suited to the human body and depict a timeless seafaring world, peopled by strapping young men and girls awaiting them. (Massimiliano Reggiani 2021)

Born in 1937 Enzo Migneco (Togo) lives and works between Milan and Messina. His works have been shown all around the world in solo and collective exhibitions. He has also taught etching at the Academy of Fine Art in Como.

The exhibition can be viewed by appointment only.

Monday - Friday 10:00 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 16:00

Please call us on 0131 668 2232 or write to us: 



Date: Da Monday, September 20, 2021 a Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Organized by : Italian Cultural Institute in Edinburgh

In collaboration with : Italian Consulate General, Edinburgh

Entrance : Free


Italian Institute of Culture, 82 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh