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Ten Shorts around the World - 2021



Ten Shorts around the World - 2021

The Italian Cultural Institute in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperationthe and Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio presents 10 short films selected among the most significant and representative of last's year production.

In Italian with English subtitles

Come un uovo nel radiatore, by Davide Maria Valsecchi, 2020, 10′

Valentino, an aspiring actor, can’t wait to leave with his girlfriend Anna for their first trip together.
However, the car they are about to hit the road belongs to her father, Carlo, and before taking the car away from him, she will have to meet him …


Paese che vai, by Luca Padrini, 2020, 11′

Set in a small town in the Italian countryside, a young and handsome Alfredo returns home after a long time along with his partner Mattia, an African American man. After meeting Alfredo’s grandmother, the sweet and crazy Donna Maria, the pair go to see Alfredo’s father, Sor Pucci. Alfredo must break the news to his old-fashioned father about his secret. Little did he know his secret will churn into a series of unexpected comic events. This tongue-in-cheek comedy runs parallels alongside on the choices we make.


Tropicana, by Francesco Romano, 2020, 13′

Maicol is a 8 years old child. He lives with his father Valerio and his mother Giusy in Trullo, a popular district in Rome. Both his parents are very young. He has a great complicity with his father. They spend together a lot of time, playing with PlayStation and having fun with some friends. Maicol receives some money to buy his favorite’s team shirt as a present for his school promotion. This event and its consequences will call into question and change the relationship between the child and his father.


Slow, by Giovanni Boscolo, Daniele Nozzi, 2020, 11′

Since Marisa retired, her life has changed profoundly: she feels useless, abandoned, without a purpose. The meeting with a secret organization of pensioners reveals to her one of the greatest mysteries in the history of mankind: road traffic.


Macchiato, by Prospero Pensa, 2020, 18′

The plot follows the story of Piero, an experienced bartender who has been running his small business in the Milanese suburbs for forty years. His routine is upset by the opening of a new bar right in front of him. It is a modern, young and tireless shop, Chinese owned. In the moment of Piero’s fragility, Christian comes in, a young boy from the neighborhood with a loose gab, who throws the seeds of malice, rancor and prejudice into the elderly man. How far will Piero be able to go to survive with his bar?


Cracolice, by Fabio Serpa, 2020, 12′

Cracolice, a seaside village in the Tyrrhenian Sea, is sadly known in the news for an event that broke out in the early 90s, never denied or confirmed: following the landing of the famous “ships of poisons”, the young population suddenly stopped growing, creating eternal adolescents. How this was possible, still remains a mystery.


En rang par deux, by M. Giusti, V. Mancini, E. Bosco, 2020, 7′

The idea for the film comes from the encounter with two African boys who live in Rome, and is based on their music. In this film, midway between an interview and a music video, Tunisian Afif and Senegalese Aliou tell their different stories, talk about friendship, immigration, freedom and, above all, about the fundamental value of making music together.


La terra delle onde, by Francesco Lorusso, 2020, 17′

A kid is lost at sea during a storm. Despite the decision of the town’s adults to call off the search, his friends won’t give up and decide to build a CB radio to track him down.


Le mosche, by Edgardo Pistone, 2020, 15′

The vicissitudes and adventures of a group of young people, abandoned to themselves while life, apparently placid and sleepy, flows undisturbed. At the mercy of the demons of growth, of their imagination and arrogance, the boys, like flies buzzing from rot to silk, will drag themselves towards a tragic and irreparable epilogue…


Threads of Desire, by Bianca Di Marco, 2021, 14′

A farmer’s monotonous life in the Italian hills is unsettled after she steals an elegant dress.


The link to the screenings will be available from 21st to the 31st of December 2021.

To apply for free tickets please book below up to 21st December and we shall send you the link and password.

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Date: Da Tuesday, December 21, 2021 a Friday, December 31, 2021

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