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World Map There are 90 Italian Cultural Institutes, in the main cities of the five continents: they are an ideal meeting point to promote cultural exchanges for intellectuals, artists, cultural representatives and Italian citizens generally as well as foreigners, wishing to establish or maintain a link with our Country.

The Italian Cultural Institute is like a show-case of the Country and a source of information on today’s Italy; it also acts as a propeller to encourage cultural cooperation and activities; it plays a pivotal role for Italian communities abroad and for the increasing interest in Italian culture all over the world.

The Italian Cultural Institutes endeavour to give an updated and complete image of Italian culture throughout the centuries, working alongside the Consulates and Embassies.

The Italian Cultural Institutes, besides organizing cultural events in various areas (art, music, cinema, theatre, dance, fashion, design, photography) are actively involved in:

• teaching Italian language and culture through the organization of courses, their libraries and the offer of teaching-aids and publications;
• helping Italian representatives to contact the relevant institutions to establish international exchanges and organize cultural events;
• providing information and local support to private and public cultural representatives, both Italian and foreign;
• liaising to encourage intercultural dialogue on the basis of democracy and international solidarity.


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