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Favole Gustose (Tasty Italian Stories)



Favole Gustose (Tasty Italian Stories)

with Giovanna Conforto and Chiara Casarico

XII ITALIAN LANGUAGE WEEK, Italy the land & the Italy of the future

Tasty Italian Stories depicts the relationship between stories, songs and food in the Italian tradition. Anecdotes, rhymes, fairy tales, dramas, tragedies, legends and songs: many great stories are intertwined with the act of eating. From remote history to more recent events, the stories, including a famous novella by Boccaccio freely adapted from the Decameron, will highlight the beauty and importance of food.
This gastronomic tour of Italy will depart from Lombardy, stop in Treviso, in Tuscany, in Campania and continue down towards Calabria and Sicily. We will take part in the ferocious custody battle for the paternity (or maternity) of the world renowned Tiramisu’ and find out about Italy’s most famous dish: La Pizza! With other light-hearted stories, anecdotes and curiosities… to enjoy and to savour, each leaving a delightful and lingering taste.

Free event but booking essential:


Data: Gio 18 Ott 2012

Organizzato da : Italian Cultural Institute

In collaborazione con : -


Italian Cultural Institute, 82 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh