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Putting on a show: Sicilian banquet food in the time of the Bourbons



Putting on a show: Sicilian banquet food in the time of the Bourbons

Prima Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo

Italian cooking is generally known as 'cucina povera', deeply rooted in the landscape and dependent upon whatever seasonal ingredients the land has to offer. It invites us to imagine fresh produce picked directly from the field, then simply prepared to create delicious, traditional food just the way mamma would like it.

In many ways these principles still hold true and the enduring appeal of genuine, unadulterated food reflects the idyllic relationship that Italian cuisine continues to enjoy with its land. After all Italy is the country of pasta, pizza and the mandolin!

Yet it is also true that Italian cuisine contains an extraordinary variety of cooking styles that have developed and evolved along different lines in response to factors as diverse as foreign invasion, regional identity and even class divisions within Italian society.

This presentation aims to provide a brief introduction to the baroque cuisine of Southern Italy, that extraordinary period in history when the House of the Bourbons reigned supreme and where food was used as an extravagant spectacle intended to surprise and delight.

Opulent, ostentatious, and requiring superb technical skills, this cuisine was created in the luxurious surroundings of the great palaces of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, in scenes that Tomasi di Lampedusa would later immortalise in his celebrated book the Leopard.

Short Bio

Lucia Ortisi graduated in Law from Catania University obtained her professional qualification in 1991 and proceeded to work for international companies in Africa, the Middle East and Europe within different areas of commercial law. Returning to her Sicilian roots in 2000, Lucia founded the Mediterranean Centre for Arts and Sciences where she developed an academic program focused on humanities and environmental science including a course on the Mediterranean diet.

At present Lucia lives with her family in Edinburgh where she is re-training as professional chef at Edinburgh College.


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