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Radio Italia ‘900 – Classic Hits from the Past Century



Radio Italia ‘900 – Classic Hits from the Past Century

A celebration of Italian music from the past Century with Luigi Cirillo and Lara Russo.

The programme will include a list of beautiful songs which will take the audience back to the past century. 

Luigi Cirillo
Luigi has studied music since an early age. An eclectic route, through saxophone and guitar, has led him to singing, where he has found his natural expressive dimension. He improved his vocalism under the guidance of M. Mario Castiglia as a soloist and chorister.
He worked as a soloist with the Orchestra Fantasia Napoletana, touring throughout Italy. He performed in Poland and Spain as a chorister with the Renaissance ensemble Principe San Severino, participating in international art music festivals (colto/extracolto). Among many, he played with Linley Hamilton, Espedito De Marino, Antonio Florio. His continuous training allows him to exhibit an extreme vocal ductility, from throat singing to Renaissance and Jazz.

Lara Russo
Lara is an Italian performer based in Edinburgh since 2012. She started her vocal training in Italy in 1997, under the direction of Giovanni D’Auria, then continued her training with various teachers. She has been a member of the Vocal Ensemble ‘Principe Sanseverino’ for 10 years, performing a wide range of renaissance and baroque music and toured Italy, Poland and Spain. She joined the ‘Edinburgh Telephone Choir ‘ in 2012, with which she performs classics and contemporary music. Lara is also a versatile soloist, experienced in a variety of styles, including pop, jazz and traditional southern Italian music.


• Funiculí Funiculà • Malafemmena • Torna a Surriento • Il cielo in una stanza • Tu vuo' fa l'americano • Je so pazz' • A Marechiaro •
• Nel blu dipinto di Blu (Volare) • Era de Maggio • Via (con me) • Indifferentemente • Voce 'e note • 'O sole mio • Io te Vurria vasa' •
• Tu scendi dalle stelle •


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Before the concert on December 15th there will be a fingerprints collection for whose passports’ expiry date is within 6 months (from December 15th). This is to facilitate the Italians living in Northern Ireland and save them a trip to Edinburgh.

The fingerprints collection will begin at 2:00pm until 5pm on the 15th December 2016 at the office of the Honorary Consul, 100 Lisburn Road, Belfast BT9 6AG. Please book your appointment at




Data: Gio 15 Dic 2016

Orario: Alle 20:00

Organizzato da : Italian Cultural Institute

In collaborazione con : Federica Ferrieri, Honorary Consul in Belfast

Ingresso : Libero


The Crescent Arts Centre, 2-4 University Road, Belfast