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Fare Cinema 2019 | Italian Film Festival



Fare Cinema 2019 | Italian Film Festival

On the occasion of "Fare Cinema - Italian Film Festival" the Italian Institute of Culture and Filmhouse are proud the present Scotland’s annual celebration of the best in Italian cinema returns for 2019 with an exciting, wide-ranging selection from the past twelve months. Featuring work from established auteurs such as Paolo Virzì and Mario Martone as well as emerging talents such as Laura Bispuri, Simone Catania and Laura Lucchetti, this year’s programme blends a variety of genres, styles and registers and, as ever, spans the length and breadth of the peninsula. We will also pay special tribute to the artistic kinship of legendary Italian filmmakers Pier Paolo Pasolini and Bernardo Bertolucci with two special screenings of Medea and The Conformist.

The Italian Film Festival is programmed by Dr Pasquale Iannone (University of Edinburgh).


Magical Nights (Notti magiche) by Paolo Virzì

After his first foray into English-language filmmaking with 2017’s The Leisure Seeker, director Paolo Virzì returns to Italy for a delightfully cinephilic, fast-paced comedy-drama set during one of the most stirring moments in the country’s recent history – its hosting of the 1990 World Cup Finals. After noted film producer Leandro Saponaro (Giancarlo Giannini) is found dead in the Tiber the night Italy are knocked out of the competition by Argentina, a trio of young aspiring screenwriters are rounded up as suspects.

Edinburgh Filmhouse, Fri 24 May, 17:50

Glasgow Film Theatre, Sat 25 May, 20:15

Eden Court, Sun 26 May, 20:00

Dundee Contemporary Arts, Mon 27 May, 18.00

Belmont Filmhouse, Wed 29 May, 18.00


Daughter of Mine (Figlia mia) by Laura Bispuri

Laura Bispuri’s transgender-themed 2015 feature Sworn Virgin was one of the most ground-breaking Italian debuts of the past decade and the director makes an eagerly-awaited return with a Sardinian-set story of a ten-year-old girl’s relationship with her biological and adoptive mothers. Bispuri elicits fully committed performances from Valeria Golino and Alba Rohrwacher (the latter in particular fully embracing the unbridled physicality of her role) and the idyllic, wind-swept Sardinian locations are captured with earthy, hand-held immediacy by DP Vladan Radovic.

Eden Court, Fri 24 May, 18:00

Dundee Contemporary Arts, Fri 24 May, 18.00

Belmont Filmhouse, Fri 24 May, 18.10

Glasgow Film Theatre, Thu 30 May, 20:20

Edinburgh Filmhouse, Fri 31 May, 18:05


Lucia’s Grace (Troppa grazia) by Gianni Zanasi

In Gianni Zanasi’s sun-kissed, Viterbo-set comedy, acclaimed Tuscan actress Alba Rohrwacher plays Lucia, a mild-mannered land surveyor in her mid-thirties and single mother to a teenage daughter. While out working one day, Lucia is visited by a remarkable vision which makes her question both her profession and her beliefs. Zanasi is known for his keen eye for the quirks of provincial life and in Troppa Grazia, this is combined effortlessly with an unmistakably dream-like air.

Glasgow Film Theatre, Fri 24 May, 18:15

Edinburgh Filmhouse, Sat 25 May, 18:00

Dundee Contemporary Arts, Sat 25 May, 18.00

Belmont Filmhouse, Sat 25 May, 18.10


Twin Flower (Fiore gemello) by Laura Lucchetti

Laura Lucchetti’s second feature is the story of teenagers on the run - each from a different kind of peril - in the wide-open landscapes of Sardinia. Ukranian Anastasyia Bogach (Anna) and Kalill Kone from the Ivory Coast (Basim) are both non-professionals and bring a startling authenticity to their roles, having actually lived through some of the events depicted in Lucchetti’s film. The director has spoken of her admiration of Agnès Varda, and Fiore Gemello recalls elements of the great French filmmaker’s 1985 film Vagabond.

Edinburgh Filmhouse, Sat 25 May, 15:20

Glasgow Film Theatre, Sun 26 May, 19:45


Capri – Revolution by Mario Martone

Director Mario Martone follows up his 2014 biopic of 19th century Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi with another sumptuously shot, intelligent period drama, this time set on the eponymous island resort in 1914 and inspired by the life of German symbolist painter Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach. Singer/actress Marianna Fontana (Indivisible) stars as Lucia, a young goatherd from a traditional local family who stumbles upon a commune of Northern European artists led by the charismatic Seybu (Reinout Scholten van Aschat).

Glasgow Film Theatre, Sat 25 May, 12:40

Edinburgh Filmhouse, Tue 2 June, 17:45


Medea by Pier Paolo Pasolini

Having already crafted a deeply personal take on Greek mythology for 1967’s Oedipus Rex, poet and filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini called on the great soprano Maria Callas for his distinctive, allegorical retelling of the story of Medea. Callas had played the character for the stage and had previously been contacted by Carl Theodor Dreyer to star in a film version, but always felt a closer affinity to the younger filmmaker’s vision of Medea as ‘a heroine of a sub-proletarian, archaic and religious world’.

Edinburgh Filmhouse, Sun 26 May, 15:20

Belmont Filmhouse, Sun 26 May, 17:40

Eden Court, Thu 30 May, 18:00


Laughing (Ride) by Valerio Mastandrea

Prolific actor Valerio Mastandrea makes a confident feature debut as director with an unconventional exploration of grief which makes for intriguing comparison with similarly-themed films such as Peter Mullan’s Orphans or Nanni Moretti’s Palme d’Or winner The Son’s Room. Low-key, beautifully observed, and laced with melancholic humour, Mastandrea’s film sees his partner Chiara Martegiani play Clara, a young woman whose husband dies in a workplace accident and whose grieving process is contrasted with that of her twelve-year-old son and her father-in-law.

Edinburgh Filmhouse, Sun 26 May, 18:15

Glasgow Film Theatre, Wed 29 May, 18:15


The Conformist (Il conformista) by Bernardo Bertolucci

Set in the 1930s, Bernardo Bertolucci’s adaptation of Alberto Moravia’s 1951 novel tells the story of Marcello Clerici (Jean-Louis Trintignant), a Fascist agent tasked with murdering his old University professor, Luca Quadri (Enzo Tarascio), an anti-fascist living in exile in Paris. Characteristically daring in its approach to both sexuality and politics, the film’s non-linear narrative, combined with its supremely elegant and often expressionist audio-visual style, has influenced generations of filmmakers, from Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese to the Coen Brothers.

Glasgow Film Theatre, Sun 26 May, 15:00

Edinburgh Filmhouse, Tue 28 May, 17:55

Belmont Filmhouse, Tue 28 May, 18:00

Dundee Contemporary Arts, Sat 1 Jun, 15:30


The Vice of Hope (Il vizio della speranza) by Edoardo De Angelis

Edoardo De Angelis’ fourth feature unfolds in the infamous, eerily dilapidated coastal town of Castel Volturno (around 20 miles north of Naples) which has for several years been the site of violent clashes between Italian and migrant crime gangs. The story centres on Maria (Pina Turco), a young woman involved in the trafficking of surrogate mothers. Built around a powerful performance by Turco, De Angelis’ film also features an evocative soundtrack by acclaimed Neapolitan singer and multi-instrumentalist Enzo Avitabile.

Dundee Contemporary Arts, Sun 26 May, 18:00

Belmont Filmhouse, Mon 27 May, 20:30

Glasgow Film Theatre, Tue 28 May, 17:50

Edinburgh Filmhouse, Sat 1 June, 18:10


Euphoria (Euforia) by Valeria Golino

One of Italy’s biggest international stars, Valeria Golino has been a familiar face in both Italian and Hollywood cinema since the early 1980s, with roles in films ranging from Barry Levinson’s Rain Man to Sean Penn’s The Indian Runner to Mike Figgis’ Leaving Las Vegas. In her sleek, Rome-set second feature film as director, Golino explores the fraught relationship between two very different brothers, the wealthy, flamboyant Matteo (Riccardo Scamarcio) and Ettore (Valerio Mastandrea), an unassuming teacher from the provinces.

Glasgow Film Theatre, Mon 27 May, 20:20

Dundee Contemporary Arts, Tue 28 May, 18:00

Edinburgh Filmhouse, Wed 29 May, 20:40

Belmont Filmhouse, Thu 30 May, 20:40


The King of Paparazzi – La vera storia by Massimo Spano and Giancarlo Scarchili

Among the many lasting legacies of Federico Fellini’s 1960 film La Dolce Vita is its spawning of the term ‘paparazzo’, which has come to describe a particular type of relentless celebrity photographer. Massimo Spano and Giancarlo Scarchili’s fittingly star-studded documentary focuses on Rino Barillari, arguably Italy’s most famous ‘paparazzo’, who, after arriving in Rome from his Calabrian hometown while still in his teens, went on to carve out an extraordinary career chronicling more than five decades of Italian social and cultural history.

Edinburgh Filmhouse, Mon 27 May, 20:45

Glasgow Film Theatre, Sat 1 June, 15:00


Drive Me Home by Simone Catania

Conceived during his time working in London and drawing on fellow Italian immigrants’ experiences of long-distance lorry travel, the feature debut from Turin-born Simone Catania tells of two childhood friends who are reunited after many years away from their Sicilian hometown. With echoes of the road movies of Wim Wenders and Kelly Reichardt, Catania’s film features compelling central performances from Vinicio Marchioni and Marco D’Amore, recently seen in hit TV crime shows Suburra and Gomorrah.

Edinburgh Filmhouse, Thu 30 May, 20:40

Glasgow Film Theatre, Sun 2 June, 17:00


For further information and tickets please refer to:

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Data: Da Ven 24 Mag 2019 a Dom 2 Giu 2019

Organizzato da : Filmhouse and Italian Institute of Culture

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