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Paradise by Davide Del Degan | Glasgow Film Festival



Paradise by Davide Del Degan  | Glasgow Film Festival

Doing the right thing carries risks and rewards in Paradise, a wonderfully melancholic fish out of water farce with a soulful performance from rising star Vincenzo Nemolato. Sicilian slushie vendor Calogero is enrolled in a witness protection programme after observing a Mafia killing. Now he is far from home as the sole resident of the Paradise inn high in the Alps. The arrival of a fellow Sicilian (the deadpan Giovanni Calcagno) is more than a coincidence and prompts Calogero to take desperate measures. Perhaps the two men have more in common than they realise.

Paradise (Director: Davide Del Degan)

Wednesday 4 March, CCA 3.30pm,

Friday 6 March, Cineworld 9.00pm


For more information please visit: Glasgow Film Festival


Data: Da Mer 4 Mar 2020 a Ven 6 Mar 2020

Organizzato da : Glasgow Film Festival

In collaborazione con : Itlalian Institute of Culture

Ingresso : A pagamento


CCA and Cineworld, Glasgow