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Santiago, Italia by Nanni Moretti | Glasgow Film Festival



Santiago, Italia by Nanni Moretti | Glasgow Film Festival

Even those who are well informed about Chilean politics in the 1970s will learn something new from Nanni Moretti’s fascinating documentary. At the height of the military junta, Italy’s embassy in Santiago became a safe haven for dozens of journalists, academics and artists who eventually left the country for a new life in Italy. Now, they share their memories of Allende’s Presideny, of torture, resistance and life in the grounds of an embassy that could be reached by simply climbing a low wall. A salute to a generation of brave women and men and an era in which solidarity mattered.


Santiago, Italia (Director: Nanni Moretti)

March 1st, Cineworld, 1pm,

March 3rd, GFT 1, 4pm


For more information please visit: Glasgow Film Festival


Data: Da Dom 1 Mar 2020 a Mar 3 Mar 2020

Organizzato da : Glasgow Film Festival

In collaborazione con : Italian Institute of Culture

Ingresso : A pagamento


Cineworld and GFT, Glasgow