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Londra anni venti by Marco Varvello



Londra anni venti by Marco Varvello

Marco Varvello presents his new book Londra Anni Venti (Bompiani) at the Italian Institute of Culture in Edinburgh on Tuesday, 6th December at 6:00 pm, in conversation with Joseph Farrell, Emeritus Professor of Italian at Strathclyde University.


The roaring twenties, full of expectations and hope were the nineteen twenties in Europe but what about our first twenty years of the new millennium? The promise of a global Britain after Brexit, a new path to thread, a new beginning? Marco Varvello, UK Bureau-Chief of RAI, imagines an encounter between George, an English lorry driver, and a pro-Brexit journalist, Allegra, and an improbable love story in a city paralysed by Covid.

Much is at stakes that goes beyond their brief relationship: the future of Ulster, a Northern Ireland still divided between Irish Protestants and Catholic, even more isolated and victim of political violence; Britain as a country that does not recognise itself any longer and is still somehow attached to the rest of Europe as it is part of the same heritage.

It is the skilled pen of the writer which, ultimately, will point to a possible outcome.


Marco Varvello is the UK Bureau-Chief of RAI - Italian State Television. He worked for "La Notte" and "Il Giornale" under Indro Montanelli. In RAI since 1987, he anchored the TV News for TG1, edited "Il Fatto" by Enzo Biagi and was previously the RAI correspondent in Berlin and the US. He won the "London Foreign Press Award 2018" for best programme in a foregin language about the UK on the subject of domestic violence. He is the author of another work of fiction, Dimentica le Mille e una Notte, published by Rizzoli, and Brexit Blues, published by Mondadori, a collection of short stories about Great Britain at the time of Brexit.



Data: Mar 6 Dic 2022

Orario: Dalle 18:00 alle 20:00

Organizzato da : Italian Institute of Culture in Edinburgh

Ingresso : Libero


Italian Institute of Culture, 82 Nicolson St, Edinburgh EH8 9EW