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Inauguration of the Exhibition "Interview with Pasolini" by Davide Toffolo | POSTPONED



Inauguration of the Exhibition

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the inauguration of the  exhibition "Interview with Pasolini" with Davide Toffolo, Paola Bristot, Germano Ovani and Frank Quitely - due to take place on Thursday, 26th January at 6.00 pm - has been postponed to a date TBC. We aim to communicate the new date very soon.


Inauguration of the exhibition "Interview with Pasolini" by Davide Toffolo

Please join us at the Institute for the opening of the exhibition on Thursday 26 January 2023 at 6.00pm - with the artist Davide Toffolo, and the curator Paola Bristot in conversation with Germano Ovani. The Scottish comic book artist Frank Quitely will take part in the talk.

The inauguration will include a drinks reception, along with discussion of the fantastic work that has been done to create this exhibition, and its significance.

Pier Paolo Pasolini loved the art of comic books, to the point that in his artistic research he used them to produce the script for the storyboard of the film “La Terra vista dalla luna”. For a writer and comic author such as Davide Toffolo, this was the right starting point for a confrontation with this historical poet from Friuli Venezia Giulia. Moreover, the choice of imagining a character, Mr. Pasolini, that looks and - more importantly - talks like the Friulan poet, is the narrative solution that allows the author to explore many of Pasolini’s most relevant and current topics without ever betraying the source. Past and present blend together, and many of the problems Pasolini reflected upon in his time seem to remain unsolved today: homologation, systems of authoritarianism, consumerism and the spectacularization of culture and communication. These are only some of the aspects from which the great popularity of this graphic novel derives, in addition to the powerful illustrations that create a journey through the landscapes of the Friulian countryside, the university center in Bologna, the Roman countryside and the slopes of the Etna.


Davide Toffolo graduated in anatomical drawing at the University of Bologna where he attended the “Zio Feininger” School for comic authors in 1985. In the 1990s he published a series of comics such as “Piera degli Spiriti”, “Fregoli” (with Giovanni Mattioli) and “Animals”. In 1994 he created and directed the newspaper “Fandango” containing the first stories of the “Cinque Allegri Ragazzi Morti”. Subsequently, his production turned towards the graphic novel by publishing “Carnera” (2001), “Pasolini” (2002), “Il Re Bianco” (2005), "Très. Fumetti per il teatro" (2008), "L’inverno d’Italia" (2010), "Il Cammino della Cumbia" (2018), "Graphic Novel is Dead" (2014), "Graphic Novel is Back" (2019) , “Come rubare un Magnus” (2020) and the recent “L’ultimo vecchio sulla terra” (based on the texts of Remo Remotti). Davide Toffolo has collaborated with important historical magazines: “Comic Art” to “Frigidaire”, “Nova Express”, “Mucchio Selvaggio”, and, currently, with various magazines and newspapers including, “Linus”, “Il Corriere della Sera“, “Il Domani”. He is also the frontman of the band Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti and founder with Enrico Molteni and Luca Masseroni of the record label La Tempesta Dischi which has produced and released a major part of Italian independent music of the last years. A multitalented artist and performer, his personality is expressed with a precise and very personal style that has made him one of the most popular and loved Italian authors both in the comic and the music scene. His public image is a mask in the shape of a skull.

Paola Bristot is professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and president of Viva Comix Association which organizes exhibitions about comics, illustration, animation and visual arts. Since 2007, she has been artistic director for the Piccolo Festival Animazione. She is curator of the studiovivacomix in Pordenone where she lives and works. 

Frank Quitely is an an internationally renowned comic book artist from Glasgow. He has been drawing comic books for 30 years and has worked on well-known titles like Batman, Superman, X-Men, Judge Dredd and Star Wars. Frank admits that he is living his dream, having wanted to be an artist from a very young age.

Germano Ovani worked for over twenty years as a freelance illustrator of books for children and young adults, producing over 30 collections with various publishing houses around the world. Alongside his career as an illustrator, he has been working for the last 15 years as a Teacher of Art & Design in both Italy and the UK. In 2014 he began a painting journey inspired by black and white photographs and aimed at investigating the relationship between reality and fiction.




Data: Gio 26 Gen 2023

Orario: Dalle 18:00 alle 20:00

Organizzato da : Italian Institute of Culture in Edinburgh

In collaborazione con : MAECI, Viva Comix Association

Ingresso : Libero


Italian Institute of Culture, 82 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh