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International Call: The Italian Council 2019


International Call: The Italian Council 2019

The Italian Council is an international call promoted by the DGAAP to support Italian contemporary creativity. The latest edition introduces a new focus on the promotion of Italian art outside of Italy in two specific areas:

1) Increasing the public collections of Italian Museums through the acquisition or production of works of art by Italian artists, also as part of exhibitions and residencies.

2) Incentives for the development of talents and the international promotion of Italian artists, curators and critics by funding proposals for: the participation of Italian artists in international events; foreign residencies for artists, curators and critics; the realisation of monographic exhibitions at foreign cultural institutions; editorial projects dedicated to Italian contemporary art.

The Italian Council project is open to: artists, curators and critics supported by cultural institutions; public and private museums and not for profit entities; university institutions; foundations; formally constituted committees and nonprofit cultural associations. Each submission must involve international partners and/or include a period of promotion outside of Italy. Requested funding may not exceed 80% of the total project cost, up to a maximum established for each typology of project.


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