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Fare Cinema 2018 - Italian Film Festival
Fare Cinema 2018 - Italian Film Festival Gio 24 Mag 2018 → Lun 4 Giu 2018

On the occasion of "Fare Cinema - Italian Film Festival" the Italian Institute of Culture is proud the present Scotland’s annual showcase of the best in Italian cinema with an exciting, wide-ranging selection from the past twelve months. Italian Film Festival includes new work from several generations of filmmakers, inclu...

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Richard Demarco: The Italian Connection - Launch Event
Richard Demarco: The Italian Connection - Launch EventGio 31 Mag 2018

Richard Demarco in conversation with Dr Laura Leuzzi. Introduction by Prof. Elaine Shemilt. The Italo-Scot artist, cultural entrepreneur and educator Richard Demarco has been a key figure for the promotion of the European avant-garde in Scotland since the 1960s. Although some research and publications have been...

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Visualising Shakespeare: From Page to Stage
Visualising Shakespeare: From Page to StageVen 1 Giu 2018

Actor Marco Gambino 'translates' the visual to the texual and vice versa, using Italian contemporary Shakespeare comics and adaptations, together with Shakespeare's First Folio.  In dialogue with Gianni De Luca's Shakespeare comics (introduced by Professor Laurence Grove), Gambino will present a recent translatio...

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Verdi's Requiem | Szymanowski's Stabat Mater
Verdi's Requiem | Szymanowski's Stabat MaterSab 2 Giu 2018

The Edinburgh Royal Choral Union returns to the magnificiently restored McEwan Hall with a dramatic, colourful and moving programme, combining the splendour of Verdi's Requiem - resounding amidst the bright colours of the newly gilded dome - with the more delicate sounds of Karol Szymanowski's tender Stabat Mater. In an...

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Fundamentals of Commedia dell’Arte
Fundamentals of Commedia dell’ArteVen 15 Giu 2018 → Dom 17 Giu 2018

The Italian Cultural Institute and the Charioteer Theatre present "The Academy of Commedia dell'Arte" which will bring you closer to the fine art of the 16th Century Italian craft, which involves skills such as physical theatre, mime and improvisation. The third event will see the partecipation of the Artistic Director...

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