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Adriano Sangineto | The Edinburgh International Harp Festival

Italian musician Adriano Sangineto presents Arpa Creativa, a show with a thousand aspects, where his harp becomes an extension of his lively and engaging character. His original compositions bring new and unexpected twists to the mainstream harp repertoire. Hands and feet keep on moving under and over the stage as he draws on his experience of many styles and genres, skilfully blending them with humour into his own inimitable performance.

Born and raised in his father’s workshop, Adriano’s growth as a musician was influenced by the presence of such leading figures as Alan Stivell, Carlos Nunez, Chieftains and others. His love for folk instruments has led him to become an eclectic musician, expressing himself through various musical genres. He also revisits Italian and European folk music with original arrangements. Adriano specialised in clarinet and classical composition at the Conservatoire of Milan and taught himself how to play the Celtic harp. Thanks to this background, he composes songs for a variety of purposes: soundtracks, music for theatre plays and advertisements.

For more information and tickets please visit the following link

  • Organizzato da: The Edinburgh International Harp Festival
  • In collaborazione con: Italian Institute of Culture in Edinburgh