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Fuelling the Future: The Promise of Plasma Fusion | Edinburgh Science Festival

Science Festival(1)

The Italian Institute of Culture and the Consulate General of Italy in Edinbugh are delighted to be part of the Edinburgh Science Festival 2023.

It has long been accepted that plasma fusion could be one of the best ways of tackling the challenge of net-zero electricity production, and major milestones achieved over the past 18 months have brought this dream closer to becoming a reality. Join Dr Fernanda Rimini, Dr Piergiorgio Sonato and Dr Luca Antonelli as they share fascinating insights into the work of the Joint European Torus, explore the challenges of commercialising plasma fusion reactors and illustrate the Italian contribution to this research.

Dr Fernanda Rimini (JET/UKAEA) will talk about the ongoing research experiments at the largest tokamak machine in operation today, JET, and in inertial fusion. Dr Piergiorgio Sonato (University of Padova) will illustrate the Italian contribution to plasma fusion research in the European and international frameworks. Dr Luca Antonelli (First Light Fusion, Oxford) will talk about the work of private companies, and the challenges linked to the commercialisation of plasma fusion reactors.

For more information and tickets please visit HERE

  • Organizzato da: Edinburgh Science Festival; Italian Institute of Culture, Edinburgh
  • In collaborazione con: Italian Embassy, London; Italian Consulate General of Italy, Edinburgh