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Lectura Dantis Andreapolitana

15th meeting: Purgatorio, XVIII – XXI

A series of public lectures on Dante’s Divine Comedy

A Lectura Dantis (‘reading of Dante’) is a public reading and explanation of all 100 cantos of Dante’s Divine Comedy canto by canto. Each canto of the Commedia is discussed by a different scholar, and there will be a wide range of expert speakers coming to St Andrews for each meeting of the Lectura Dantis Andreapolitana (LDA).

This is the 15th meeting and is about the Purgatorio, canti XVIII – XXI.

The event is free and open to public.

For further information and full programme you can visit the website:

Free event

  • Organizzato da: Italian Department, School of Modern Languages, University of St Andrews
  • In collaborazione con: -