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Lectura Dantis Andreapolitana – Paradiso 32-33

A Lectura Dantis (‘reading of Dante’) is a public reading and explanation of all 100 cantos of Dante’s Divine Comedy canto by canto. Each canto of the Commedia is discussed by a different scholar, and we have a wide range of expert speakers coming to St Andrews for 31st meeting.

Join the final meeting in Parliament Hall, St Andrews, to celebrate the conclusion of our long standing Lectura Dantis Andreapolitana (the only canto-by-canto reading and interpretation of the whole of Dante’s Comedy ever completed outside Italy!) and to take part in the global celebrations of this “anno Dantesco”, marking the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death. We will hear the beautiful poetry of Paradiso 32 and Paradiso 33, explained and interpreted by Prof. Ron Martinez (Brown University) and Prof. Corinna Salvadori Lonergan, as well as immerse ourselves in a rich exhibition of manuscripts, rare books and original contemporary materials inspired by Dante.

For further details and the full programme, and more information on the journey so far, please visit the LDA website.

To register, please visit the Eventbrite page


  • Organizzato da: The University of St Andrews
  • In collaborazione con: Italian Institute of Culture in Edinburgh