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Project Ganymede by Marco Palone

Progetto Ganimede

The Italian Institute of Culture is delighted to invite you to the book presentation of Project Ganymede by Marco Palone on Thursday, 10th November at 6.00 pm. 

Project Ganymede (Elison Publishing) is the first volume of a trilogy set in a dystopian future in which humanity, having survived the catastrophe, seeks to be reborn from the ashes of its civilization.

The author will be in conversation with Simone Caffari, freelance translator. Francesca T. Barbini, founder of Luna Press Publishing, will join the conversation.


Since a thermonuclear apocalypse has decimated humanity, the technocratic élite of the Bharats, of Indian origin and Hindu religion, have settled on gravitating cities and send settlers to Ganymede. Lieutenant Danesi investigates the sabotages carried out by the rebels on the stations orbiting the satellite of Jupiter and discovers that the colonies are used to exile the unwanted by the elite. After meeting Mahira, with whom he falls in love, Danesi collaborates with the rebels, of which Mahira is an exponent. Still pretending to be loyal to the Bharats, he fakes the capture of the rebel leader, Siris, and arrives on Earth. Meanwhile, the most important Artificial Intelligence of the bharats is endowed with decision-making autonomy to prevent tampering by the rebels, thus escaping the control of its own creators and preparing a coup with an army of biomechanical clones. Danesi will deactivate the AI ​​before the capital of the Bharats falls to the ground, annihilating the population of the suspended city and the one below. Later the lieutenant and Mahira will bring the colonists back from orbiting stations on Earth, which is recovering from the damage of radioactivity in the meantime.


Marco Palone (Rome, Italy, 1970), taught classical subjects in high schools and now teaches Italian at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has studied narratology and ancient fiction (The Ethiopian Stories by Heliodorus, Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart 2020) and has always written poems and short stories, of which he has published an anthology (“Il silenzio dei sogni”, InEdition, Bologna, 2010), republished and reviewed with 7 more stories in 2022 for Elison Publishing (“La donna senza collo”), recommended by Nabokov Prize 2021. In the same year he published “Progetto Ganimede” (Elison Publishing) and received a mention from the jury of the Bukowsky Prize 2022 for the crime novel “La smorfia del cinese” to be published soon. He collaborated with the “Omero” school for creative writing in Rome and is a passionate traveler, especially for the Far East and Latin America.

  • Organizzato da: Italian Institute of Culture in Edinburgh