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SCANAUDIENCE by SCHNITT and Gianluca Sibaldi | Sonica Festival 2023

Image Credit : Kim Sarah
Image Credit : Kim Sarah

The Italian Institute of Culture is delighted to be part of SONICA 2023, a festival for curious minds and adventurous spirits.

See yourself as you never have before – and be both a member of the audience and an element of a unique experimental performance. SCHNITT – aka Italian audiovisual artists Marco Monfardini and Amelie Duchow – worked with technical engineer and performer Gianluca Sibaldi to develop a process to scan their audience members, using the resultant imagery to produce visuals that they then manipulate and transform live – part Rorschach test, part commentary on surveillance culture. Waves of light scan and rescan viewers, and from each individual the scanner constructs a unique sonic and visual pattern that determines how SCANAUDIENCE plays out. As the audience sees itself reflected, and understands that they can change their audiovisual signature through their own movements, the performance builds a collaborative feedback between artist and performer.

SCHNITT is an artistic collaboration between the experimental musician Amelie Duchow and the media artist Marco Monfardini evoked from the common interest in electronic music and visual art. The duo work at the intersection of music, art and science, with a strong focus on the cohesiveness linking audio and video. Custom-made, innovative software and electronic devices allow SCHNITT to develop complex A/V installations and site-specific live performances adapted to various exhibition venues.

Gianluca Sibaldi is a composer, multimedia artist and creative coder working since the late 80’s in the music industry composing soundtracks for the cinema and television. In the 90ies he founds his own music studio 5.1 factory in Italy named after the studios installed surround system 5.1. In the last five years he founds together with SCHNITT the platform Extrasync working on several
multimedia installations and performances.

Cryptic (Est. 1994 ) is an international award-winning producing arts house based in Glasgow. They present today’s most imaginative, pioneering artists whilst also nurturing the creative talent of tomorrow. They create unique experiences that engage and inspire audiences, ‘ravishing the senses’ with multi-media performances that fuse music, sonic and visual art with digital arts.

For more information and tickets please visit HERE

  • Organizzato da: Sonica 2023
  • In collaborazione con: Italian Institute of Culture