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V Settimana della cucina italiana nel mondo | La cena è servita, A Sicilian Dinner with Carlo Maria Ricci, Eusebi Deli and Damiani Sicilian Fine Dining

You can watch the full event, just scroll down!

It’s World Week of Italian Cuisine time again and while the Covid-19 restrictions have upset our usual planning, we wanted to ensure that people still have the chance to enjoy and celebrate the amazing food of Italy!

During the opening event, La cena è servita, a Sicilian Dinner an invited audience of food writers and bloggers take part in a Sicilian-food themed live cookery event from Italy with leading chef Carlo Maria Ricci, an ambassador with the acclaimed Italian ALMA cook school in Parma (Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana) – with the menu actually being delivered to their homes to allow them to sample the exact dishes.

Giovanna Eusebi and chef Sebastian Wereski from Eusebi Deli restaurant in Glasgow and Sabrina Damiani, who runs Edinburgh-based Damiani Sicilian Fine Dining, have been recruited to make the Chef Ricci’s dishes before arranging for them to be delivered to each of the food bloggers and journalists home. They will be present on the webinar to answer any questions.

This event will also be screened live over our social media channels to allow as wide an audience as possible to watch the demonstration and pick up tips.

La cena è servita, a Sicilian Dinner

  • Organizzato da: Italian Institute of Culture, Consulate General of Italy, Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in UK
  • In collaborazione con: Alma, Eusebi Deli, Damiani Sicilian Fine Dining