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Il codice del volo



Il codice del volo

Il codice del volo, written and performed by Flavio Albanese

Artistic Director: Marinella Anaclerio


“As you'll learn to fly, you'll walk on the earth looking up for the sky, as once you've been there you just want to get back to it.” Leonardo Da Vinci

In his Il codice del volo, Flavio Albanese tells us the ups and downs, miracles and secrets of one of the biggest geniuses of the world, Leonardo da Vinci. Using tools like pictures, paintings, drawing, notes, he shows us the peculiar nature of this genius man and his desire to keep learning. Why Leonardo wanted to fly that much? Zoroaster, his disciple, friend and assistant, aka Tommaso Masini, gives us a clue. Zoroaster was the one whom helped his master on the making of the most ambitious project: the flying machine. The audience will meet the real Leonardo, getting to know his multifaceted personality and bizarre mind, also known as the symbol of Renaissance. Curiosity is the main ingredient for this production. Curiosity intended as the craving this man had for new discoveries and inventions, in a struggle to go beyond the limits imposed by Nature. This show had its debut as a work in progress at Piccolo Teatro in Milan on March 2012 and his official premier on August 2012 at the Festival “Castel dei Mondi” in Andria (Italy).

Leonardo taught me to be not afraid of flying. Everything with all its meanings is always around us, with its questions and its answers. You'll never fail trying, you only fail when you judge. Everything happens for a reason, just try to perceive the cause why it did happen, and you won't fail on judging life's events. Flavio Albanese


This show is part of Infinite Grace: Leonardo 1519-2019, a series of events organised in collaboration with Davide Messina and Carlo Pirozzi from the University of Edinburgh, where we are also celebrating the Centenary of Italian Studies (1919-2019).


Date: Thursday, October 17, 2019

Time: At 6:00 pm

Organized by : Italian Institute of Culture, Consulate General of Italy in Edinburgh and Italian Studies at University of Edinburgh

In collaboration with : Compagnia del Sole

Entrance : Free



50 George Square, Project Room 1.06, University of Edinburgh