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Memoria per l’Europa – An encounter with Paolo Rumiz

Contemporary European societies have been celebrating the centenary of the First World War from the standpoint of the demanding process of European integration: while only apparently freed from conflicting backlashes, contemporary memories of the wartime resonate with the ways national communities conceive themselves, re-tell their own history, and project their own image against the backdrop of globalization. In a landscape haunted by new nationalist drives, often reacting against European identity at large, what does the public memory of the war tell us about our present? What image of Europe does it project onto contemporary societies?

Writer and journalist Paolo Rumiz (columnist at La Repubblica) encounters Federica Pedriali (University of Edinburgh) to discuss removals and implicit conflicts underlying the contemporary memory of the First World War. Introduced by Cristina Savettieri (University of Edinburgh).

This event is part of the international conference ‘Mobilizing Identities/Identities in Motion through the First World War: History, Representations, and Memory’, generously funded by the European Commission (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions), the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Edinburgh (Knowledge Exchange and Impact Fund), the Italian Cultural Institute in Edinburgh and the Department of European Languages and Cultures at the University of Edinburgh.

In Italian with English translation.

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  • Organizzato da: Italian Cultural Institute and University of Edinburgh