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Concluso Sab 14 Ott 2023
Daria Bignardi in conversazione con Silvia Righini

La scrittrice, giornalista, autrice e conduttrice Daria Bignardi sarà a Edimburgo sabato 14 ottobre 2023 per un incontro organizzato dall’Istituto Italiano di Cultura presso la propria sede, alle ore 18.00, nell’ambito della XXIII Settimana della Lingua Italiana nel Mondo. In conversazione con Silvia Righini.   “Da bambina vivevo come uno scoiattolo: d’inverno uscivo solo per […]

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Concluso Ven 13 Ott 2023Ven 13 Ott 2023
David Rizzio at the Scottish Court

David Rizzio (1533-1566), Italian musician and courtier, is a highly romanticised historical figure. He has long been represented in the Scottish arts for his close relationship with Mary Queen of Scots, his murder at the hands of her husband and other Protestant lords, and his association with the religious conflicts that marked the Scottish Reformation. […]

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Concluso Mer 11 Ott 2023Mer 11 Ott 2023
Global Decadence

Michael Subialka (University of California, Davis) will be in conversation with Matthew Creasy, Julia Hartley, and Elisa Segnini (University of Glasgow) on Decadent literature in transnational contexts. The discussion will be chaired by Vassiliki Kolcotroni and centre on the following recent publications: Gabriele D’Annunzio and World Literature (Edinburgh University Press, 2023), Modern Philology special issue on ‘Decadence and […]

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Concluso Gio 05 Ott 2023Gio 05 Ott 2023
Saving the Southside | Saltire Society Edinburgh Branch

How could the course of our Institute’s history have changed if the plans of the 60s & 70s to demolish historic buildings on Edinburgh’s Southside had been carried out? Since 1988, the Italian Institute is located at no. 82 Nicolson Street, right in the heart of the Southside and the Edinburgh University area. During the […]

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Concluso Sab 30 Set 2023Sab 30 Set 2023
SCANAUDIENCE by SCHNITT and Gianluca Sibaldi | Sonica Festival 2023

The Italian Institute of Culture is delighted to be part of SONICA 2023, a festival for curious minds and adventurous spirits. See yourself as you never have before – and be both a member of the audience and an element of a unique experimental performance. SCHNITT – aka Italian audiovisual artists Marco Monfardini and Amelie […]

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Concluso Gio 28 Set 2023Gio 28 Set 2023
Matilde Serao: International Profile, Reception and Networks

The Italian Institute of Culture is delighted to host the online book presentation of Matilde Serao: International Profile, Reception and Networks (Paris: Classiques Garnier, 2022) with the co-editors Gabriella Romani, Ursula Fanning and Katharine Mitchell on Thursday, 28th September at 17:00 (UK Time). The respondent will be Olivia Santovetti. Matilde Serao is still today too […]

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Concluso Gio 21 Set 2023Sab 04 Nov 2023
Tally’s Blood

The Gaiety Theatre, Ayr, Perth Theatre and Cumbernauld Theatre Company present Tally’s Blood Written by Ann Marie Di Mambro Directed by Ken Alexander There is hardly a town or city in Scotland that doesn’t have its own Italian café, chippy or ice-cream parlour. And it’s in one of these much-loved establishments that the story of […]

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Concluso Lun 14 Ago 2023Lun 14 Ago 2023
Gianandrea Noseda | Edinburgh International Festival

The London Symphony Orchestra is joined by its Principal Guest Conductor Gianandrea Noseda for a cinematic programme overflowing with luscious melodies and stirring revolutionary tunes. London Symphony Orchestra Gianandrea Noseda Conductor Mikhail Pletnev Piano Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No 2 Shostakovich Symphony No 11 The world-renowned London Symphony Orchestra brings both power and passion to this programme, […]

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Concluso Gio 10 Ago 2023Gio 10 Ago 2023
Italy @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023: Showcase & Networking Event

The Italian Institute of Culture in Edinburgh is delighted to present Italy @ Fringe 2023, a Showcase & Networking Event to mark the participation of Italian artists and companies to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023 on Thursday, 10 August at 11:30 am. A short promo video will be shown, then the companies will have the […]

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Concluso Ven 04 Ago 2023Lun 28 Ago 2023
Italy @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023

On the occasion of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023, the Italian Institute of Culture is proud to present the Italian artists and shows performing at the Fringe. From Stand-Up Comedy, to Musical Performances, from Drama to Dance, there’s plenty for everyone! Read below for more information on all the shows or visit the Edinburgh Festival […]

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