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Calvino Qui e Altrove | #Calvino100

calvino qui e altrove

As part of the “Calvino 100” celebrations marking the 100th anniversary of Italo Calvino’s birth, the Italian Institute of Culture in Edinburgh presents the exhibition “Calvino qui e altrove” (Calvino here and elsewhere), opening on Tuesday, 5th December 2023.

Through a series of panels, the exhibition allows the visitor to follow a guided visual journey of the covers of Italo Calvino’s most celebrated books to reconstruct the journey of his works around the world, “here and elsewhere”.

Each panel of the exhibition is dedicated to one of Calvino’s works and contains, among other things, a wide selection of Italian and foreign covers and quotations, as well as the work’s incipits and endings. The covers reproduced, in many cases relating to volumes that are difficult to obtain, come from the holdings of Laboratorio Calvino and constitute a still unpublished source that can stimulate comparison between scholars, translators, publishers and readers from all countries.

Calvino Qui e Altrove” is produced by Fondazione Mondadori and Laboratorio Calvino on the initiative of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, sponsored by the National Committee for Calvino’s Celebration.


  • Organizzato da: Italian Institute of Culture in Edinburgh
  • In collaborazione con: Fondazione Mondadori, Laboratorio Calvino, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, National Committee for Calvino’s Celebration