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Dante per bambini (e per genitori curiosi)


On the occasion of the 22nd Week of Italian Language in the World, the Italian Institute of Culture in Edinburgh, in collaboration with the Consulate General of Italy in Edinburgh, are delighted to invite the wee ones and their families to the presentation of the books Dante per bambini (e per genitori curiosi) and Dante da colorare with the author Federico Corradini on Thursday, 20th October at 4:00 pm at the Eyre Hall, Archdiocese of Glasgow (196 Clyde Street, Glasgow G1 4JY).

Dante per bambini (e per genitori curiosi) is a series of books conceived by Federico Corradini and illustrated by Silvia Baroncelli (published by Prometeica). The collection aims at introducing young children to the Divine Comedy in a light-hearted, fun way, and reminding the older ones of its irresistible charm, from Charon to Paolo and Francesca, Ulysses, Cato, Pia de’ Tolomei, Sordello, Giulio Cesare, Piccarda, San Francesco, San Domenico, Cacciaguida, from the “forest dark” of the Inferno, through to the Purgatory and finally the Paradise. In Italian only.

Dante da colorare is a book in black and white: you will make them bright and creative. All stories are accompanied by thirty-three coloring pages and thirty-three fun games. It is a book accessible to all: for children it is an introduction to the Divine Comedy with creative activities, for parents it is a way to read with them and rediscover their beauty in a contemporary key. Each story is four pages long. The first is text: it introduces a character and a place. The second (“Coloriamo”) has a design, all still to decorate, embellish, mess. The third tells another piece of history, to continue to inspire today’s readers. The last one (“Let’s Play”) has an activity to complete, having fun learning and remembering. In Italian only.

Dante’s Inferno for Kids (and curious parents) tells thirty-three stories of famous characters and places from Dante’s Inferno. Each story is two pages long: one to describe the characters and places of the Inferno, the other to talk about an interesting detail of the story and above all to draw inspiration from it for the benefit of today’s readers. Charon, Minos, Cerberus, Pluto, the Minotaur, the Centaurs, the Harpies, Ulysses: a simple and fascinating literary journey, not only for children but also for their parents and family members, in an adventurous and thrilling path, together with Dante and Virgil, from the dark forest to the sight of Lucifer. For each of the thirty-three stories there is a beautiful color illustration by Silvia Baroncelli. Last but not least: at the end of each story there is a drawing by Silvia that you can colour in, to allow your kids to let loose their creative imagination – or as a relaxing pastime for adults. English translation available.

Federico Corradini is the creative director of the publisher Prometeica. He has a degree in Philosophy (Catholic University, Milan) and a master in Marketing and Communication (Bocconi, Milan). He studies the narrative structures of the classics of Greek, Latin and Italian literature to apply them to today’s communication. In addition to the collections “Dante per bambini (e per genitori curiosi)” [2021] and”Dante da colorare” [2021] he wrote, with Eliana Salvi and also illustrated by Silvia Baroncelli, two books dedicated to tomorrow’s female leaders: “Storie di Donne Mitologiche per Bambine Mitiche” [2020] and “Donne Mitologiche da Colorare” [2020].

The reading will be followed by an activity (in English and Italian).

Suitable for children aged 6+.

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