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Fashioning Italian Youth: young people’s identity and style in Italian popular culture, 1958 – 75

CBrioni_Fashioning sito

Join us on Thursday, 7th March 2024 at 6:00 pm at the Italian Institute for the presentation of the volume Fashioning Italian Youth: young people’s identity and style in Italian popular culture, 1958 – 75 with the author Cecilia Brioni (University of Aberdeen), in conversation with Prof Derek Duncan (University of St Andrews).

Fashioning Italian youth examines popular media representations of Italian young people’s style trends and bodily practices from 1958-75. By looking at visual and written representations of transnational youth trends – like urlatori, amici, beats and hippies – in Italian teen magazines, Musicarelli films and youth-oriented television programmes, it investigates changes in the social construction of Italian young people’s political, generational, national, ethnic and gender identities. The monograph connects the emergence of youth-oriented transnational trends to the national and global history of young people, and explores the dynamics that contributed to the construction of a specifically Italian youth culture in this period.

Cecilia Brioni is Lecturer in Modern European History at the University of Aberdeen. Her research explores the history of representations of Italian youth in the 20th and 21st centuries in a variety of popular media, including film, television, print media and social media. Her current research focuses on self-representations of youth, ethnicity, gender and sexuality on the video sharing platform YouTube Italia. Her most recent publications include the monograph Fashioning Italian youth: young people’s style and identity in Italian popular media, 1958-75 (Manchester University Press, 2023).

Derek Duncan is Professor of Italian at the University of St Andrews. His research on modern Italian literature and film explores the intersections of sexuality/gender and of race/ethnicity. His current project funded by a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship draws on a diverse body of creative work about the sinking of two vessels almost seventy-five years apart in very different places and circumstances to invoke the complex, trans colonial histories of the Italian diaspora.

Entry is free, but spaces are limited. Please register below.

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  • Organizzato da: Italian Institute of Culture in Edinburgh