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Italy @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023

italy_Edinburgh Festival Fringe
italy_Edinburgh Festival Fringe

On the occasion of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023, the Italian Institute of Culture is proud to present the Italian artists and shows performing at the Fringe.

From Stand-Up Comedy, to Musical Performances, from Drama to Dance, there’s plenty for everyone!

Read below for more information on all the shows or visit the Edinburgh Festival Fringe website.

Anna Vanosi Jazz Trio


Anna Vanosi

Anna Vanosi and her ensemble bring you on a journey filled with tasteful jazz, early blues standards and some Italian tunes. Drawing from the rich canon of Italian popular song as well as the American tradition, Anna Vanosi embodies the character of every song she sings, continuously drawing imagination, passion and energy from the depths of her soul. ‘Eccentric, adorable, enchanting: A real life Italian diva’ **** (

Aug 15, 27 16:00

The Jazz Bar, 1a Chambers Street, EH1 1HR (Venue 57)

Be My Guest

Theatre (comedy, clown)

Monia Baldini

Each human being is a galaxy. Have you ever wondered how many guests live inside you? Come as you are and join Monia’s six guests on a cathartic and adventurous journey toward self-acceptance. Be My Guest is an interactive and meta-theatrical solo show that explores ways to embrace human fragility through the magical worlds of clown, bouffon, tragedy, improvisation, cabaret and physical comedy. Themes are hot and urgent: poverty, failure, isolation, dreams, motherhood and taboos. Won’t you come out to play with The Hostess, The Artist, Venus, Shelion, The Tragic Actress, and Me?

Aug 2-13, 15-20, 22-28 14:20

Assembly George Square, George Square, EH8 9LH (Venue 8)

The Black Blues Brothers

Dance, Physical Theatre and Circus (circus, acrobatics)

Mosaico Errante

After thrilling the world, with more than 500,000 spectators and astonishing appearances at the Royal Variety Performance and Montecarlo Circus Festival, ‘best circus show 2022’ ( returns to Edinburgh… on a mission to entertain! Joining the energy of Africa with a rhythm ‘n’ blues sound, five unleashed acrobats perform their comedy tribute to cult movie The Blues Brothers. In an elegant nightclub reminiscent of the Cotton Club, chairs, the table and surroundings become props for an acrobatic celebration to the rhythm of music. Breathtaking jumps, fire and somersault routines, human pyramids and much more.

Aug 3-27 15:05

Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street, EH2 2LR (Venue 20)

Brothers: War Poems and Chronicles

Theatre (political, true-life)

Cesena Film Academy

‘My biography is blood and flesh, not entertainment. I am not one but we are thousands. Indestructible and broken.’ A piece about war in its broadest sense, from Faruk Šehic, soldier-poet, and director Gian Paolo Mai, who investigate the social and personal impacts of the conflicts of the century of light and genocide. War’s destruction is documented in many ways, from the blues music of North America, to Ungaretti’s WWI poetry, Beckett’s writings after WWII, Šehic’s writings on the Balkan conflicts, and contemporary voices from Ukraine. Inspired by Cesena Film Academy’s award-winning short film Brothers.

Aug 6-13 14:30

C ARTS | C venues | C aurora, Lauriston Halls, 28 Lauriston Street, EH3 9DJ (Venue 6)


Corde InCanto Latin Hearts

Music (classical, flamenco)

Luca Rinaldo Villani and Silvia Mirarchi (Duo Corde InCanto)

Soprano Silvia Mirarchi and guitarist Luca Villani give an exciting new recital, starting with brilliant Spanish songs by Garcia-Lorca such as El Cafè de Chinitas and classy La Maja de Goya by Granados. Then will be interpreted witty songs by Britten, such as Master Kilby, and Argentinian tangos, both as a guitar solo, Verano Porteño, and in the poignant song Oblivion. Humorous popular songs by Rodrigo will culminate with his world-known Aranjuez ma Penseè. Grand finale with the dreamy Bachianas Brasileiras by Villa-Lobos and the love poem El Cantar de Los Cantares by Brouwer. Unmissable!

Aug 25 14:25

artSpace @ StMarks, 7 Castle Terrace, EH1 2DP (Venue 125)

Late Bloomers’ Tales

Cabaret and Variety (theatre, music)

Anna Vanosi

Anna Vanosi’s soulful voice transports you from jazz (Billie Holiday, Doris Day) to pop (Bob Dylan, Björk) tracing a comical, poignant path, as she feels out of step with time. Maybe she’s not alone? Join this inspirational late-bloomers’ adventure. ‘Eccentric, adorable, enchanting. A real life Italian diva’ **** ( ‘A beautiful melody of optimism and acceptance… eloquently poetic monologues and fantastical musical numbers’ (The Student Newspaper). ‘We ride the emotional trail, hanging onto every word and song, and what a voice to savour: beautifully crafted entertainment’ (

Aug 4, 7-10 Times vary.

The Jazz Bar, 1a Chambers Street, EH1 1HR (Venue 57)

Luca Villani Guitar Jubilee

Music (classical, flamenco)

Luca Rinaldo Villani

For his 25th Fringe Luca Villani plays guitar masterpieces and his own world premiere. This generous recital starts with Bach’s gorgeous Prelude BWV 1007 and Fugue BWV 1000, the romantic and witty Andante-Allegro by Domenico Cimarosa and classy Sonata op.15b by Fernando Sor. Then Luca will interpret poignant Mazurka and evocative Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Francisco Tárrega, two sparkling dances Galante and Villanesca by Enrique Granados, breathtaking Asturias and Torre Bermeja by Isaac Albéniz and stunning Cielo Abierto by Quique Sinesi. Finally, Luca will premiere his own multiple piece, The Long Winter. ‘Beyond technique’ (Scotsman).

Aug 26 14:25

artSpace @ StMarks, 7 Castle Terrace, EH1 2DP (Venue 125)

ORFARM – Animal Farm

Theatre (contemporary, absurdist)

Torre del drago aps.

Theatrical retelling of Orwell’s novel. Pigs in power who become men. Is there a difference between humans and animals? You will find out at the end of the story. Show of contemporary prose, physical theatre and special plays of light. The director will be on stage to play and play with the actors. Irreverent, cheeky, unscrupulous and innovative. If you want, during the show, you can wear a mask, undress, become a pig and participate in the moment of rebellion of the animals. The show is in english.

Aug 14-19, 21-26 18:35

Greenside @ Riddles Court, Riddles Court, EH1 2PG (Venue 16)

BeComedy UK Presents: No Limits

Comedy (stand-up)

BeComedy UK / Free Festival

Dark jokes only! An irreverent comedy show where comedians push boundaries, slice and dice edgy topics and are not afraid of taking the risk. If you get easily offended, do not come to this! Three comedians and one MC.

Aug 3-20 23:30

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, 38 West Nicolson Street, EH8 9DD (Venue 170)

Stefania Licari: Medico

Comedy (stand-up)

Stefania Licari

Award-winning comedian and NHS doctor, Stefania Licari, returns to star in a fresh, updated take on her hit show Medico. A one-woman show that marries stand-up, song, and physical comedy. Join her on a hilarious journey into the world of medicine, immigration and what it means to be a female Italian doctor in the UK. **** ( **** ( **** ( **** (Morning Star). ‘Dr Licari is blessed with huge reserves of charm and warmth. Her show is a joy to experience’ (Spectator).

Aug 2-13, 15-27 16:15

Underbelly, Bristo Square, Teviot Place, EH8 9AG (Venue 302)

Temporarily Yours

Theatre (comedy, dance)

Greta Zamparini

A journey into sexuality and prostitution, encountering dynamics that connect more to our lives than we’d expect. Why does one sell their body nowadays? Is it out of constraint or out of choice? And does society help us to perceive our body as an object or as an integral part of ourselves? From two monologues by Concita De Gregorio (Ed Einaudi), created from the blog of an escort and by direct contact with trafficked women. A show about our bodies, our souls and our relationships. I behave like a whore, I am not a whore.

Aug 2-8, 10-13, 15-20, 22-27 13:15

Underbelly, Bristo Square, Teviot Place, EH8 9AG (Venue 302)

The Jive Aces

Music (swing, blues)

The Jive Aces

Get ready to swing with the UK’s No1 jive and swing band, The Jive Aces! Semi-finalists on Britain’s Got Talent, a Royal Albert Hall sell out and a viral YouTube video, the band has performed for the Queen and celebrities like John Travolta, Priscilla Presley and Van Morrison. They take you on a musical journey from the roots of Elvis to sizzling swing classics, hot jazz to rockin’ R&B. An energetic and entertaining show that will lift your spirits! With their infectious music, dazzling musicianship and yellow vintage-style suits, they have won fans all over the world!

Aug 14-28 14:30

Gilded Balloon Teviot, Teviot Row House, EH8 9AJ (Venue 14)

The Other

Theatre (new writing, comedy)

Azdora Theatre Company

If your walls could talk, what would they say? This solo show dives into the history of an immigrant family, following their decision to move into a new house in the hope to mend their broken relationships. By evoking memories and languages trapped within her walls, Home – jilted house and endearing narrator – invites you to step into the lives of her previous inhabitants. ‘A heart-wrenching yet light-hearted show… Florence’s stellar performance is reason enough to give it a watch’ **** (

Aug 21-27 15:20

Paradise in The Vault, 11 Merchant Street, EH1 2QD (Venue 29)

Rossini Stabat Mater

Music (choral, classical)

Coro Edina

Church goes to the opera in this passionate setting of the Stabat Mater. Sometimes dark and brooding, sometimes energetic, Rossini’s hymn to Mary is pure theatre from start to finish. Performed by chamber choir, soloists and accompanied by organ.

Aug 9 20:00

Greyfriars Kirk, Greyfriars Place, EH1 2QQ (Venue 131)

The Death & Life of All of Us

Theatre (new writing, contemporary)

Victor Esses

Mixing documentary footage, storytelling, and live music, The Death & Life of All of Us is a funny and poignant exploration of family secrets, shame, and embracing our imperfections. At 19, Victor found his long-lost great-aunt Marcelle in Rome. She’d moved from Judaism to Christianity, Lebanon to Italy, changed her name and kept a life-long secret. He started making a documentary about her life. 20 years later, he still hasn’t completed it… Victor Esses returns to Summerhall after critically acclaimed Where to Belong: ‘A beautiful story spanning continents and generations’ ***** (

Aug 2-6, 8-12, 15-20, 22-27 11:30

Summerhall, 1 Summerhall, EH9 1PL (Venue 26)

Appassionato: Romantic Songs of Italy

Music (folk, vocal)

Philip Contini and Anne Evans

Philip Contini (voice) and Anne Evans (piano) perform favourite Italian and Neapolitan 19th- and 20th-century songs of love, laughter, longing and romance by, among others, Francesco Paolo Tosti, Roberto Murolo, Ruggero Leoncavallo and Renato Carosone. ‘Contini’s rapport with his audience is consummate’ (Scotsman). ‘Contini’s fresh enthusiasm will blow over you like a sweet summer breeze’ (Scotsman).

Aug 9, 16, 22 13:00

Valvona & Crolla, 19 Elm Row, EH7 4AA (Venue 67)

Dan Bastianelli: The Trick Is There

Cabaret and Variety (magic, interactive)

Dan Bastianelli Magician

Drawing on inspirations from his Scottish-Italian heritage, Edinburgh magician Dan Bastianelli presents an incredible close-up magical experience that explains the difference between trickery and real magic, allowing you to witness both. A show that promises to provide a truly unique take on how magic is performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. ‘Dazzling’ (Edinburgh Evening News).

Aug 14-19 19:15

Paradise in Augustines, 41 George IV Bridge, EH1 1EL (Venue 152)

Green Bird

Theatre (international, comedy)

Nightshade Collective

Two colliding worlds: Italian commedia dell’arte and Eastern traditions with the use of magic, on the international stage. The green bird takes the form of its namesake Commedia and rethinks it into today. The story of two naive siblings, who just arrived in the UK, learning to navigate it in all of its mundane (un)glory. Nightshade Collective brings to Edinburgh a new world of magic where fantastic apples sing, waters dance, statues speak and people can become rich just by throwing one condom. Theatre from the people to the people, to laugh, enjoy, and perhaps even think.

Aug 4-5, 7-12, 14-19 Times vary.

Greenside @ Riddles Court, Riddles Court, EH1 2PG (Venue 16)

Sounds of St Cecilia’s: Cantare Suonare

Music (classical)

Jess Rucinski, Gerry McDonald, John Kitchen

The critically acclaimed team of McDonald and Kitchen join forces with soprano Jess Rucinski for a journey through Arcadian Italy, featuring cantatas by Handel, Vivaldi and Mancini (Rome, Venice and Naples) with obbligato flute, oboe and recorder, a newly discovered sonata by Vivaldi and keyboard solos by Scarlatti, showcasing the 1728 Hitchcock spinet. ‘Pure delight’ (Scotsman), ‘A deserved reputation’ (Herald).

Aug 9 15:00

St Cecilia’s Hall, 50 Niddry Street, EH1 1LG (Venue 77)

Sounds of St Cecilia’s: Capricci Armonici

Music (classical)

Gordon Ferries

Scottish early guitarist Gordon Ferries makes a welcome return to St Cecilia’s with a beautiful programme featuring Baroque guitar suites by the 17th-century Italian composer Ludovico Roncalli, alongside Spanish dances by the great Spanish guitarist Gaspar Sanz. Gordon will be playing a five-course Baroque guitar by Martin Haycock, based on a 17th-century original by Matteo Sellas.

Aug 12 15:00

St Cecilia’s Hall, 50 Niddry Street, EH1 1LG (Venue 77)

Sounds of St Cecilia’s: Spinacino Consort

Music (classical)

Spinacino Consort

The Spinacino Consort presents a concert of the finest music from Renaissance Italy, exploring the influence of Isabella d’Este, ‘La Prima Donna del Mondo’. Born in Ferrara to the d’Este dynasty, Isabella enjoyed music lessons from some of the finest Franco-Flemish composers. However, it was her passion for the native Italian forms of sung improvised poetry that led to her patronage of Italian artists and the development of frottola. This musical melting pot created some of the most exciting and beautiful music ever composed.

Aug 19 15:00

St Cecilia’s Hall, 50 Niddry Street, EH1 1LG (Venue 77)

Cosi Fan Tutte

Musicals and Opera (opera, classical)

Aria Alba – Opera for All

Downtown Edinburgh, 2023. Two brothers place a bet on the fidelity of their girlfriends. They leave town, returning disguised as foreign celebrities and woo their lovers. Will the women be tricked into revealing their feminine fickleness? They are thrown into disarray and tested to their limit. First steadfast, then questioning, always aware that everyone is watching. Aria Alba presents Mozart’s high-energy farce, reimagined for contemporary audiences. The bar is set for the sublime and the ridiculous and we observe deception, hypocrisy and infidelity accompanied by glorious music. We are left asking ‘is everyone like this?’

Aug 17-20 19:00

Stockbridge Church, 7b Saxe Coburg Street, EH3 5BN (Venue 317)

Star Stripe Skyscape

Exhibitions (visual art, contemporary)

Michael Worobec

An exhibition of past paintings, prints and drawings refreshed by the new series, Star Stripe Skyscape, ethereal skies brought under control by the symbols of army and power. These new works investigate the arrogance of governments who seek to tame space and requisition it with symbolic shapes often found on flags and the iconography of armies. Curated at home by the award-winning Ukrainian/Italian/Scottish artist – Michael Worobec. You will enjoy a unique opportunity to discover and discuss his tastes and influences and then have the choice of taking home a Worobec after your visit.

Aug 4-7, 11-14, 18-20 12:30

Crescent House, 13 Claremont Crescent, EH7 4HX (Venue 109)

A Comedy of Tenors

Theatre (farce, comedy)

The Edinburgh Makars

One hotel suite, four tenors, two wives, three girlfriends, and a soccer stadium filled with screaming fans. What could possibly go wrong? It’s 1930s Paris and the stage is set for the concert of the century – as long as producer Henry Saunders can keep Italian superstar Tito Merelli and his hot-blooded wife, Maria, from causing runaway chaos. Prepare for an uproarious ride, full of mistaken identities, bedroom hijinks, and madcap delight. The Edinburgh Makars have been performing at the Fringe for 50 years and return once more with this full-length farce by Ken Ludwig.

Aug 21-26 19:30

The Royal Scots Club, 29-31 Abercromby Place, EH3 6QE (Venue 241)

Il Burattino

Theatre (historical, tragedy)

Trouble In The Square

Il Burattino begins in April 1942 and tells the story of Tino, an orphan, native to Varallo Sesia in Northern Piedmont, Italy. Il Burattino (a puppet), a gift given to Tino, is a constant source of entertainment for other soldiers, as the boy uses it to boost morale through imitating the king and Mussolini in ways that become increasingly derogatory and slanderous as conditions worsen. The Italian boy finds hope in the idea of fighting for a Fascist Italy. His determination is successful in proving his strength, but at the cost of some heavy realisations.

Aug 4-12 19:05

theSpace @ Niddry St, Niddry Street, EH1 1TH (Venue 9)

Italian Stallion Story

Comedy (stand-up, dark comedy)

Mr Habana

Palermo is clear about his sexual experiences and reminiscences of his teenage years in Rome, where he honed the art of picking up tourists and getting laid. For him, it was a highly competitive sport-cum-art form that set him up for his fascinating life journey. Sex has always been a part of his life, including a past girlfriend who would check how much semen he produced. His anecdotes are told with rare and easy verve, making them the coolest stories at the Fringe.

Aug 3-11 17:15

Laughing Horse @ The Cocktail Mafia, 15 Charlotte Lane, EH2 4QZ (Venue 245)

Laura Ramoso: FRANCES

Comedy (sketch show, stand-up)

Mick Perrin Worldwide

With over 1 million followers and 350 million views across social media, comedian Laura Ramoso makes her highly anticipated Fringe debut! Featuring her most popular characters like Italian Dad, German Mom and the Three Girls Who Just Got Back From Europe, FRANCES tells a hilarious and painfully relatable story about love and loss through the best in sketch and improv comedy. ‘A fast-paced, laugh-out-loud, tour de force’ ( ‘An absolute riot; full of laughs from start to finish’ (

Aug 2-13, 15-28 20:20

Pleasance Dome, 1 Bristo Square, EH8 9AL (Venue 23)

Lost in Translation

Comedy (stand-up)

Lost in Translation

A hilarious stand-up show all the way from Barcelona about communication, culture and… confusion! Laugh along as three international comedians from Italy, Peru and… England (sorry) share the stage for a night of stand-up comedy, improvised interactions and some very silly stories. Audience participation is encouraged (but not forced!) and you will have the chance to share your own funny tales of embarrassing mix-ups as, together, we try to make some sense of a bewildering world we can really relate to, a world where we are all lost in translation. 100% in English… we hope!?

Aug 14-19, 21-26 20:45

Greenside @ Riddles Court, Riddles Court, EH1 2PG (Venue 16)

Loving the Enemy

Theatre (drama, storytelling)

Lorenzo ‘Renz’ Novani

It’s 1940. Hugo is in no man’s land. Having been born and raised in Scotland, he’s miles away from his family’s Italian roots, yet, at the same time, the UK, his home, has become a hostile place as the Italian community is marginalised and demonised for Mussolini’s support of Nazi Germany. How far will Hugo go to belong again? Loving the Enemy is based on the life of George De Felice, a Glasgow-born Italian who served in the British Army during World War Two. The story was originally written as a film script by George’s daughter, Hilda.

Aug 8-9 20:15

theSpace @ Surgeons Hall, Nicolson Street, EH8 9DW (Venue 53)

Madama Butterfly

Musicals and Opera (classical, theatre)

Opera Bohemia

Scotland’s professional touring company returns with John Leo Wilkie’s highly acclaimed and intimate production of Madama Butterfly. A star cast includes celebrated Scottish soprano Catriona Clark, former Scottish Opera Emerging Artist Louise Collett, Alexander Gibson Opera School graduates Cameron Mitchell and Seumas Begg and American baritone Whitaker Mills, who recently made his Metropolitan Opera debut. This tale of love, sacrifice and heartbreak promises to be a memorable night for opera lovers and newcomers alike. Alistair Digges conducts a special chamber orchestration of Puccini’s masterpiece. The performance is sung in Italian with English surtitles.

Aug 4 19:30

St Cuthbert’s Church, 5 Lothian Road, EH1 2EP (Venue 122)


Theatre (comedy, drama)

Theatre in the Square. By Ranjit Bolt, after Carlo Goldoni

Mirandolina, the captivating landlady of an inn, is wooed by a penniless marquess, a wealthy count and her besotted servant. She enjoys their attentions but values her freedom. When sworn bachelor Ripafratta comes to the inn, can Mirandolina bend him to her will? Ranjit Bolt’s sparkling comedy is translated from the original work of Carlo Goldoni, the 18th-century Italian comic playwright best known for A Servant of Two Masters.

Aug 14-19 10:00

Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hill Street, EH2 3JP (Venue 41)

The Impresario

Musicals and Opera (classical, comedy)

Velocirapture Productions

It’s 1930 – silent movies are out and talkies are in! The once-successful film producer turned theatre impresario, Mr Scruples, has been given the gruelling task of bringing opera to the masses through the silver screen! But, an already difficult task is made frustratingly impossible by two warring diva sopranos who both insist on top billing… Will they find a solution to make everyone happy? Will Mr Angel ever recover? Will Mr Scruples finally get to retire to the country? And will Mr Bluff ever be allowed to sing professionally again…?

Aug 21-26 13:50

theSpace @ Venue45, 63 Jeffrey Street, EH1 1DH (Venue 45)

Curry Gelato

Comedy (stand-up, storytelling)

Gurps Cheema

Indulge in Curry Gelato, a side-splitting comedy show that serves up a unique blend of Indian roots and Italian upbringing. Join the spicy journey as cultural clashes meet heart-warming hilarity. From navigating family traditions to hilarious misunderstandings, this show serves up a heartwarming exploration of identity and acceptance. With clever insights and side-splitting anecdotes, Curry Gelato promises a rollercoaster ride of cultural clashes and heart-warming connections. Get ready to experience the fusion of flavours, where humour transcends borders and leaves audiences roaring with laughter.

Aug 4-27 21:20

Hootenannies @ The Apex, 31-35 Grassmarket, EH1 2HS (Venue 108)

La codista / The queuer


Marleen Scholten / Acteursgroep Wunderbaum

In times of hypervelocity and fear of missing out, what happens when we are asked to wait, to queue up? The award-winning actress Marleen Scholten created a piece on waiting, partially based on the true story of an Italian man that lost his job and stood in line for others. La codista is a tragicomic, personal and political reflection on identity and slowing down. Winner of the national Antonio Conti playwriting award, Italy 2020. Selected at the Dutch Theatre Festival as of one the best performances of the year, 2022.

Aug 4-6, 8-13, 15-17 11:20

ZOO Southside, 117 Nicolson Street, EH8 9ER (Venue 82)

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