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Leggere Dante: Come, Perché | Free E-book download

To celebrate the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death, Ambassador Raffaele Campanella has recently published “Leggere Dante: come, perché”, a guide book to (re)discover Dante Alighieri’s work and life, with a preface from Dante scholar Professor Mirko Tavoni.

Dante Alighieri’s work does not only enjoys a unique status within Italian literature: Dante’s genius and communication power has been widely recognised and his miracle goes beyond national boundaries.

This work aims to facilitate the reading of the Commedia with an insight on facts and experiences that influenced Dante’s personality and the uniqueness of his masterpiece. “Leggere Dante: come, perché” is particularly targeted at a foreign audience who is looking to deepen their bound with Italian culture and one of its most renowned figures.

Diplomat, writer and essayist, Ambassador Raffaele Campanella has dedicated over 20 years to the study of the Divina Commedia and other Dante’s works. Among his previous publications: Dante e la Commedia (Edimond, 2011) and Dante e il suo tempo (Edicampus, 2014).

The e-book is available on free download HERE.