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Pasolini and the Classics | Pasolini 100

Pasolini 100

By bringing together some of the major scholars in the field, this series of events coordinated by Dr Emanuela Patti (Italian Studies, DELC, University of Edinburgh) aims to celebrate one of the key figures of Italian culture, Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975), on the occasion of his 100th anniversary.

The theme of the series, Pasolini and the Classics, offers a unique entry point to Pasolini’s oeuvre, by focusing on the intensive and extensive relations Pasolini had with classical authors of the world literary tradition, such as the tragic Greeks, Dante, Boccaccio, Calderón de la Barca, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Ginsberg, Pound, Calvino; and cultural icons of cinema, the visual and performative arts, such as Kurosawa, Bach, Warhol. Each event intends to cast light on how these relations originated and have been articulated across Pasolini’s work and beyond. With this approach, we intend to encourage a reflection on forms of cultural reception, appropriation, and dialogue between Pasolini and the classics, as well as an analysis of the transmedia and transnational processes generated in these interplays.

Ultimately, this series of events will not only contribute to enrich the field of Italian Studies with a high profile series of lectures and discussions on Pasolini and Italian culture, but will offer a rich, extensive, and diverse knowledge exchange on and across world culture.

Please note: further details on the following lectures and seminars will be given approx. 2 weeks before each event. The online lectures will be held on TEAMS: to get a link to access them, you need to register. Please contact

Friday 18th March 2022, 5.00-6.30 pm (EVENT POSTPONED)

Pasolini e i Classici by Dr Silvia De Laude

Chair: Prof. Federica Pedriali

Respondent: Prof. Davide Messina (in Italian)

A reading of Pasolini’s poetry by Y4 students of Italian

Venue: 50 George Square, Project Room 1.06, University of Edinburgh


Wednesday 27th April 2022, 5.00-6.15pm

Pasolini and Warhol, a lecture by Prof. Ara Merjian (New York University)

Venue: Project Room 1.06, 50 George Square, University of Edinburgh


Thursday 19th May 2022, 5.00-6.15pm

Pasolini and Pound: Poetics of Crisis, book launch with the author Dr Sean Mark

Respondent: Dr Emanuela Patti (in English)

Venue: Project Room 1.06, 50 George Square, University of Edinburgh


Wednesday 25th May 2022 5.00-6.15pm

Pasolini and The Argonauts by Apollonius of Rhodes

A lecture by Prof. Armando Maggi (The University of Chicago) (in English)

Venue: online


Thursday 9th June 2022 5.00-6.15pm

Pasolini and the Greek tragedy,

a lecture by Prof. Massimo Fusillo (Università dell’Aquila) (in English)

Venue: online


Wednesday 22nd June 2022 5.00-6.15pm

Pasolini and Shakespeare,

a seminar by Dr Inma Sanchez-Garcia (University of Edinburgh) (in English)

Venue: Project Room 1.06, 50 George Square, University of Edinburgh

Full programme HERE.

  • Organizzato da: Dr Emanuela Patti (Italian Studies, DELC, University of Edinburgh)
  • In collaborazione con: Italian Institute of Culture - Edinburgh