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The March On Rome | Glasgow Film Festival


The March On Rome by Mark Cousins

March 10th | GFT2 | 18:00;

March 11th | GFT2 | 16:00.

As far right politicians gain ground around the world, Mark Cousins examines the roots of European fascism in The March on Rome. His perceptive, provocative documentary offers a forensic scrutiny of A Noi/To Us, a film of the 1922 Blackshirts March from Naples to Rome, showing how it set the template for fascist propaganda. This is the starting point for an electrifying, wide-ranging history lesson sculpted with jaw-dropping archive footage, lyrical commentary from Alba Rohrwacher and reflections on how history keeps repeating.

Thanks to The Match Factory.

Director: Mark Cousins

Narrator: Alba Rohrwacher

Country: Italy

Year of Production: 2022

Running Time: 1h38m

Certificate: N/C 15+

For more information please visit: Glasgow Film Festival

  • Organizzato da: Glasgow Film Festival
  • In collaborazione con: Italian Institute of Culture