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V Settimana della cucina italiana nel mondo | Discovery Italy through its culinary traditions | 6 Lessons with Alma

ALMA developed for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation a specific educational project focused on the Italian food culture and products.

The project, running from 23rd to 29th of November, is an exclusive series of masterclasses in English, with six 60-minute lessons, which include a “Q&A” with one of ALMA’s Chefs.

For every lesson you can download the materials that have been presented in the webinar.

These are the classes you can join:

– Lesson 1 – Pasta

– Lesson 2: Cheese and cold cuts

– Lesson 3: Extra virgin oil and balsamic vinegar

– Lesson 4: Italian bread

– Lesson 5: Pizza

– Lesson 6: Gelato

Click on this LINK for further information! Remeber you need to register to decide at what time of the day you’d like to see the lesson.


The lessons will be then available fromMonday 30th November until Thrsday 31st December on Alma’s digital platform.




  • Organizzato da: Alma, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation